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"The Plant of Technological Equipment" Ltd since 1999 has been specializing in designing and making equipment for producing various lacquers and paints and constantly perfects and modernizes it applying modern technologies which enables us to improve quality and reliability of our equipment.

Nowadays it is the only enterprise in Ukraine which professionally produces practically all kinds of equipment for producing paints: ball mills, horizontal mills, vertical bead mills, dissolvers with lifting gear for removable and stationary vats of various size, vats of various constructions, mixers, turbo mills and rolling press for material fray, some laboratory equipment including bead mills and dissolvers. Designs and makes paints producing plants and various efficiency.

One of the important plant's trends is manufacturing complete sets and containers assigned for transportation and storage of radioactive, high toxic substances, of waste secret sources of ionizing radiation including those of high toxic level, sources of neutron radiation and of low- active substances.

The enterprise is experienced in producing and installation equipment for oil-producing plants: expositor-crystallizers, expositor-coagulators, neutralizers, heat exchangers, drops-separators, various reservoirs for foodstuffs, as well as spare parts for oil-presses of high capacity, including imported ones: screws, shafts (up to 5 meters long), gaps plates, rippers, wedges, knives, etc. Our equipment is functioning at such firms as "Sonola", "Chumak", "Hado" and many others.

Our enterprise designs and makes the capacitor equipment of different columes and designs as of the constructional and stainless steel according to technical instruction.

One of the latest trends of the plant is producing various towel dryers made of polished stainless steel. Towel driers are used for simultaneuos heating and drying of textile goods in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and store rooms. Towel dryers produced by us are mostly adopted to the national heating supplying system and can be effective for a long-term use both in private houses and in many-storeyed buildings with a big pressure drop.

We project plan and produce various non-standard and technological equipment at customer's technical instruction.

We also have an opportunity to render a service of mechanical treatment using lathes, milling machines, boring mills, and other machines. We may also help with any kind of welding.

Our plant gives the guarantee on a year and service after expiration of guarantee to all equipment that it produces. If it is necessary it carries out editing of the equipment on the territory of the customer and teaching of its personnel. The users of our equipment are Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldavia and other countries, in particular such enterprises as "Akzo Nobel Dekor Ukraine", "Caparol", "Sofrahim", "Viacheslav", "BNS-Farba", "ElaУks" (trade mark-Empils), "Gamma" ("Krymdorservis"), "Artel" ( Trade mark-Artisan) UkrDO "Radon", "Joby", "Planet-INX", "Sokol" and other.

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