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The history of "The Plant of Technological Equipment" LTD begins with the history of the manufacturing firm "Pishmash", which from 1981 till 1995 was the leading enterprise of instrument-making industry of the USSR. Office electro-mechanic and electronic typewriters "Yatran", "Elema", "Lileya", produced at this plant, are still used in more than 15 countries of the world. Modern equipment and progressive technologies supplied by leading German companies, high production efficiency have enabled to train highly qualified specialists.

"The Plant of Technological Equipment" LTD was founded on the territory and material base of the former subdivisions of "Pishmash": the experienced plant, non-standard equipment department and repair-machine-shop. Designing and producing of means of mechanization and automation of technological processes, producing numerous special devices, unique machines and other equipment, maintenance of complex imported equipment - it is only a small part of operations these subdivisions were engaged in. "The Plant of Technological Equipment" LTD has kept traditions, personnel and equipment of the cited above subdivisions of "Pishmash". Today it is a mobile, quickly put in order enterprise, capable to fulfill any task in a short space of time and with high quality: from design-technological preparation of production to making the goods the customer needs.

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